There are many online services which allow uploading and sharing PowerPoint presentations. However, one often requires to sign up for an account to use such services. If you would like to use a service where you don’t have to go through any sign up hassles for sharing your PowerPoint presentations online, then SlideServe might just be what you are looking for.

Upload PowerPoint Presentations Without Sign Up Hassles

This web service provides the utility to quickly upload and share your PowerPoint presentation files, without the need to create an account. You can also browse through various publicly shared presentations according to category and download them to get ideas for your own presentations. To upload your presentation click the Upload Now button from the SlideServe Home Page.


Upload and Share PowerPoint Presentations

SlideServe Provides The Option To Enable/Disable Presentation Download By Other Users

Whether you are using a SlideServe account or need to upload a presentation without signing up for an account, you can choose to enable or disable download of the presentation by other users. SlideServe currently supports uploads from PPT, PPS and POT formats. When uploading files from any of these supported formats, you can also select an appropriate category, tags and description. You can even choose to keep your presentation Public or Private.

Uploading presentation

Retain The Original Animations, Transitions And Audio of Your Files

Once a presentation file is uploaded, it is rendered by SlideServe and the original animations, transitions, and audio of your file are retained. Publicly shared presentations can be commented, re-shared, liked, disliked and downloaded by other users.


Presentation Uploaded

Share Your Presentation Via Embed Code or URL

Uploaded presentations can be shared by various means. You can either share it via the given sharing URL or use the embed code to embed it to a website. If you have enabled download for the uploaded file, a Download button will appear with the presentation. This can be quite helpful for people who might be willing to provide other users a copy of their presentation by sharing them through an online source. For example, if you want people to be able to view, share and download your presentation freely, uploading it at SlideServe can help you circumvent the hassle of emailing the presentation to hundreds of users and can even help you reach a wide audience, (e.g. in case of a presentation that advertises a brand).

Share Presentation Online

SlideServe is free to use and presentations uploaded without a sign up are displayed via a guest account. In case you would like to use a more feature rich service for sharing your PowerPoint or PDF files as online presentations, then also check out the SlideOnline service.

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