Success of a company completely depends upon the skills, knowledge and attitude that employees get from various training and development sessions. These training and development strategies are generally an essential function in HR departments. Conducting effective Training and Development PowerPoint Presentation programs will help both a company and employees. This is because the company will get profitable returns likewise employees will be able to better utilize their skills.

Training And Development Department in HR


Below are a few points that highlight the significance of Training and Development Department in HR:

Human Resource is imperative for employer-employee relationship. Several companies at times fail to understand that the profit of investment in those development and training programs will ultimately to help them.

1. Structure

Nowadays, every organization whether small or big generally has an HR department with experts of training and development. The manager coordinates with the HR personnel to know the function that training can bring out as a whole. They are the ones who are specialists in adult learning method, strategies, training, theory and obviously they could be equally knowledgeable in development of the organization. Training experts perform classroom training, in-house workshop, focus groups and web-based instructions.

2. Orientation

Organizing orientation for recruitment of employees is a major step in developing a healthy employment relationship. Training specialists are usually accountable for synchronizing with orientation, classroom training for new-hire and supporting them with the shift to new work surroundings. Without training experts to carry the orientation process, department supervisors is responsible for providing proper training. With the help of an employee handbook, HR and training specialists can provide guidance to new hires and existing employees about its rules, history, benefits, expectations on the employee conduct and organizational culture.


3. Requires Assessment

They recognize staff skill levels and find out the type of training staffs require to meet up the organization’s manpower. It is always beneficial of Needs assessments where you conduct training sessions for existing employees, as it will help in saving money.

4. Planning

Planning means an action of HR that encourages and motivates employees to do better in their current roles at a higher level. These professionals have all the ideas to deal with the employees in the organization. They make proper development strategies to boost employee’s morale.

In conclusion, it is very important to have proper training and development sessions for growth of the employees and organizations.