When we talk about the most popular management techniques for increasing efficiency; Six Sigma is a name that stands out. The objective of this methodology is to improve efficiency by reducing defects. Six Sigma has various facets and is often illustrated by diagrams like the DMAIC circle which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. To touch upon the Six Sigma management technique and discuss its implications, you can use the Sigma Six PowerPoint Template.

sigma six powerpoint template


Create Six Sigma Presentations with Diagrams

There are a number of diagrams and infographic slides that can be used for generating custom Six Sigma diagrams. The example below illustrates how you can create a DMAIC diagram using the sample slides in this template.

dmaic diagram

Edit Sample Diagrams & infographics

The various Six Sigma concepts are already incorporated in these slides and you can make adjustments by changing the color, size and other fine details of slide objects. In the given editable sample diagrams and infographic slides you can either discuss concepts mentioned within slides or edit the slides to create new diagrams by reusing the sample ones.

six sigma roadmap


Create Timelines that Stand Out

If you want to create a Six Sigma timeline, you can use the various sample slides in this template for this purpose as well. The timelines and roadmaps illustrated in this animated template provide you with easy to edit slide objects and text-boxes to elaborate and design your slides with ease.

dmadv diagram

Six Sigma Clipart

Another very handy feature of this template is the Six Sigma clipart that comes in the form of a clipart slide. You can copy these high-quality Six Sigma clipart images and use them in slides. The sample clipart can even be recolored or resized according to need.

six sigma icons

The Sigma Six Template has versions for both Keynote and PowerPoint. The latter works with both PowerPoint for Mac and Windows.

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