One of the coolest aspects of the Mission Impossible storyline has been the self-destructing messages. Whether you have seen the Tom Cruise Movies or the TV show versions, you couldn’t have missed this concept. Now, a mobile app called Wickr Self-Destruct Messaging has brought this concept to iPhone and Android devices with the option to send Mission Impossible Style Self destructing text messages and multimedia content.

Protect Your Privacy –  Because The Internet is Forever

The ‘internet is forever’ is the punchline of this app. Due to various rumors and news regarding companies phishing customer data for personal gains and the misuse of information it can be quite easy to get caught in a scam. For example, you are recommended not to send passwords and personal information like your social security number via SMS or instant messengers; the truth be told that’s not always possible. Then there are other issues like the chance of someone stealing your idea for a PowerPoint presentation at office or school. Sharing your ideas in a more disposable manner may save the message from prying eyes. This is why Wicker can be a great method of sending a disposable, self-destructing message that is only seen by the intended recipient.


Wickr Send Mission Impossible Like Messages

How Does Wicker Work?

Basically, the sender decides who sees the message and is able to secure it using military-grade encryption. The messages are not shared with strangers and the metadata is deleted for privacy reasons (e.g. location, time, edits, etc). As no personal information is required, Wicker does not collect anything about the user. Furthermore, the app offers shredding to forensically erase files that you delete from your device. To start using the app you will require logging in with a Wickr I.D. This app does not ask for an email address, so make sure you remember your I.D. and password. During the registration process Wickr generates encryption keys and creates a secure environment between your device and the Wickr servers.

Create Wickr Account

Due to the disposable nature of Wickr, you can erase your account and data anytime from the login screen. You can also enable auto-login by swiping to ‘On’ when entering your password. Once logged in, you can send text and multi-media messages to Wickr users.


How Does Wickr App Work

Really Cool To Use!

Other than privacy, Wicker is really cool to use. The sender has complete control over who sees the message and files are protected using encryption. The features of this app are so easy to use that you can even use it if you’re holding a smartphone for the first time in your hands.

Wickr Self-Destruct Messaging App

Military Grade Encryption

With all the cool aspects, Wicker is not all talk, as it offers military-grade encryption for your text messages, pictures, as well as video and audio messages. The app is so secure that it didn’t even let me take a screenshot of the interface after I logged in.

Android App With Military Grade Encryption
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Wickr is compatible with the following devices:

  • Android (2.3 or above)
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

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