Presentations ETC is a website which offers free presentation resources for teachers and students that can be used for e-learning purposes. The website provides 20,000 background slides, buttons, letters, numerals, photo frames, as well as PowerPoint Templates and Keynote Themes. Presentation ETC is pretty much like Slide Hunter in nature, except for the fact that it is specifically focused in providing presentation resources for teachers and students, whereas Slide Hunter offers resources for a wider audience, such as Animated PowerPoint Templates, 3D Templates and Presentation Illustrations.

Presentation ETC

Download Themes And Images To Make Educational  Presentations

The Home Page of Presentation ETC neatly lays out links to various resources at the website. For example, the Extras section provides resources like photo frames, images and buttons for presentations, followed by a link to sections containing themes for PowerPoint and Keynote.


Presentations ETC Homepage

Presentation Sets For Extras

Presentations ETC provides presentation sets for various extras. If you choose a specific item (e.g. the letter A) a presentation set for it will appear. The below image shows a presentation set for alphabets. The website has 4,000 drop capital letters which can be added to presentations, websites, blogs, etc.

Presentation Alphabet Set Drop Caps

PowerPoint And Keynote Templates

Other than extras, Presentations ETC also offers a wide range of templates for Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote. The PowerPoint templates are available for both Mac and PC and you can download Keynote templates from a diverse range of topics as well. The below images show a few of the PowerPoint and Keynote templates at Presentations ETC.


PowerPoint Templates For PC And Mac

ETC Presentation  Powerpoint Templates

Keynote Themes

Keynote Themes

It must be noted that as per the license requirements for Presentations ETC, you can only use a maximum of 50 items for non-commercial, educational purposes. This may include presentations, reports, educational websites, etc. In case you wish to use more than fifty items in a single project, you must acquire a written permission from FCIT. It is worth mentioning here that presentations items at Slide Hunter have no such restrictions and you can always use them as an alternative.

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