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Concept Slides PowerPoint Template

Concept Slides PowerPoint Template



Concept Slides PowerPoint template is a free PPT template that you can download to make awesome PowerPoint presentations with unique concept slide designs. This free template contains five unique slide designs with colorful concept slides that you can use for business presentations and any other presentation. The slide designs contains the following concepts to be used in your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint Graphics Line Chart Example

The next slide contains very useful concentric ovals created in PowerPoint that can be used to make original slides and business diagrams in PowerPoint. The concentric ovals are extremely useful to create business diagrams and illustrations for business presentations. For instance, you can use the concentric circles or ovals to make a diagram with ripple effect or a target diagram for a business growth PowerPoint presentation template to describe goals that depends of other goals.

PowerPoint Graphics Concentric Circles

Here is another slide that is present in the Slides template. The following slide is very useful to present data simplified in PowerPoint including KPI or business performance metrics which is the key to measure the performance of any business or organization. It contains editable text and shapes created in PowerPoint that you can easily customize and change its colors and styles.

PowerPoint Graphics Templates

  • A business growth chart with different business charts and lines that you can copy and paste into your slides.
  • Concentric circles using different colors and percentages.
  • Callout boxes to be used to highlight any important concept or area of your PowerPoint presentation. Alternatively you can download free callout PowerPoint templates including free hand drawn callouts for PowerPoint presentations.
  • Ribbon designs to be used as an alternative to callout boxes. You can use these boxes for comparison slides as well as showing prices or in dashboards to show the business performance.
  • A business growth diagram where you can detail the different business units within your organization and compare the performance.

Free Diagrams for PowerPoint Presentations

Free business growth PowerPoint templates and business concept slide designs are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013, but you can use the diagrams and charts contained in this PPT template with compatibility to PowerPoint 2007 templates and Microsoft Office for Mac.

Above you can see an example of slides included in this template with awesome free callouts and design concept slide for PowerPoint presentations. You can download other useful presentations like free white PowerPoint templates and backgrounds.


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