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Hand Drawn Callouts & Boxes PowerPoint Template

Hand Drawn Callouts & Boxes PowerPoint Template



Free Hand Drawn Callouts & Boxes PowerPoint Template is an exclusive but free PPT template that you only can find here and can help you to decorate your presentations with unique boxes, callouts and ovals that can be copied and pasted as simple shapes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. You can download this free hand drawn toolkit with callouts and PowerPoint template to add a hand drawn touch to your presentations or diagrams. Moreover, you can combine this free callouts template and boxes PowerPoint template to highlight important sections of your slides and animate the boxes in PowerPoint.

hand drawn sketches powerpoint template

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Decorating your presentations with these unique free hand drawn graphics for PowerPoint is easy and can boost your productivity. Let’s see here an example after we use one of these bubbles to highlight one of our presentation slides. Download free¬†hand drawn PowerPoint to make awesome presentations with hand drawn sketches and free graphics.

mckinsey powerpoint

For example here we have used the hand drawn oval shape in PowerPoint to highlight the product A in a McKinsey PowerPoint template that is great for product comparison or market share PowerPoint presentations. You can download it for free, too.

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