It has been almost three years when PolarFox for Windows, Linux and OS X was released with which sharing screenshots to several social networks became practicable. And, now for iOS too, PolarFox, in Beta version, is available.

Various renowned social networks such as Facebook Pages, WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter, Webhook, Facebook Group, WordPress Hosted,, Tumblr and Facebook are completely supported by PolarFox app for iOS. Until the app is in Beta, the users will be permitted to connect several social network accounts however, once it goes live, it needs to be upgraded to perform the same function.


PolarFox for iPhone

Share images from iPhone to Social Accounts

In addition, the text copied to the clipboard can also be shared via this app. Besides, quick share mode is also featured in it with which the most recently saved screenshot or image will be picked and ready to share. However, at least one social network account is mandatory to use PolarFox. And, if you have more than a single account, there is a cog wheel tapping on which other accounts can be connected.

The interface of PolarFox is very clean and user friendly and four large buttons provided over there are enough to perform the main functions. You can simply click a picture through the Camera button while the Import button allows you to select any picture from the camera roll. However, if you are willing to share text from clipboard, you are provided with the Paste button. Last but not the least is the Latest button that automatically picks the most recent photo in camera roll.

If PolarFox is connected with several social network accounts, you will be prompted to select one to post text or photo. You can even share to every account in a single shot. Moreover, there is also a feature to personalize the post by adding caption or title to it prior posting. This formatting is done superbly. Additionally, you can also choose the text orientation while sharing the text as well as the best resolution for the app can even be set.


Presently, PolarFox for iOS is available in Beta and once it goes live this app will be available to download through App Store.

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