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How To Bring Back Camera Roll in iOS 8

Many of you miss the camera roll scrolling in your iOS 8. Camera roll feature enabled the users to easily scroll through the entire album and view the pictures and videos on your iPhone in a simple way. But, in iOS 8, the camera roll feature was replaced with the “Recently Added” album which lets […]

Take 60 Photos Per Second On iPhone With SnappyCam

It’s interesting to note that some users (including myself), prefer the mobile camera instead of the conventional one. A basic reason for this is the portability the mobile camera provides, but that’s not the only reason. Mobile cameras are rapidly improving quality (such as the 41Megapixel Nokia PureView) and third-party apps seem to add an […]

Flash Blink Provides Android Notifications By Triggering LED Flashlight

During the summer season I find it quite hard to hear my cell phone ringing as it can get ignored due to the sound of the Fan, the air conditioner and the TV in the room. On top of that I often require using the headphone to proof read my posts using a text to […]