Do you know the best online project management tool? Well, it’s Podio which is nowadays trusted by thousands of corporations, companies and teams from all over the world. It’s an online collaboration platform which is now a significant part of Citrix Systems and gives users more power to manage their work in a timely manner. Even, to construct PowerPoint Presentations, it can be of great use and may give you the desired results.


Founded in 2009 by Anders Pollas and Jon Froda, Podio has no doubt grown its customer base and has already left other project management tools behind. This freemium cloud based collaboration service allow teams to construct project management characteristics from free apps such as: managing web development tasks and engineering to plan sprints for quick users and recording stories.

Using the free Podio apps, one can easily get a lot of work done. Not just this, users can use an employee network for organization wide communication across different locations and departments, which further helps in structuring business project or processes effectively.

Podio is an incredible tool for managing business activities. Here are some great advantages of using Podio:

  • With no technical expertise, you can simply use Podio app builder to make customized applications, which helps in managing reports, file sharing, calendar and contacts. Thus, it gives you an opportunity to manage tasks of an organization from one place.
  • In today’s modern day age, it’s actually posing a threat to other project management tools as it works really very well and offers some good solutions that no other tool offers.
  • The amount of features available in this platform are just amazing and certainly it will amaze the beginners. It’s easy to understand and simple to use. It is right to say that it has got all the features one is looking for.
  • What makes the Podio exceptional is that it gives you a new way of working with no disconnected processes, no blind spots and restricted access. Moreover, it allows sharing files only with relevant people and further helps in maintaining the cost structure.

Podio Workspace

For companies with fewer users, this project management tool can be effectively used for free and so it appears to be the best bet which will give you the outcomes you may rely on. If you are looking for a chance then time has come for you to make the full use of this valuable tool. Sign up for free today.

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