Uber is a taxi company that has been prevailing globally and providing people with cheap commuting options from one place to another. It has become highly recommended and preferred taxi service to choose among the commuters in 222 cities among 46 countries all across the globe. When traveling for a conference, meeting or even a personal trip to meet friends and family, Uber and its mobile apps can save you a lot of commuting hassles.

UBER app for iOS


Here are a few things that every traveler needs to know about Uber:

Hassle Free System

Uber has launched its application that can downloaded for free in any mobile phone whether Android or iOS. Everything can be done through this mobile app right from requesting the car to the payment for the facility. The user can even check the estimated arrival time of the driver, the type of car being provided as well as its license plate too.

Absolute Security

Although this taxi service offers private cars, usually owned by the driver himself, but there is no compromise in the security of the commuters. Tracking system is provided that can be availed through the iPhone given by the company to every driver and moreover the user is provided with the driver details too, including his name, license plate and comprehensive vehicle information too.

Cashless System

Tipping is absolutely up to the user whether one wants to or not, because the payment for the transportation facility comes prior to sitting in the cab, as mentioned above, through the app itself. So, do not worry about carrying cash with you and even the change that you or the driver needs to return to you. One can even split the fare with any other acquaintance too, making this system more affordable.


Variety of Vehicles

Regardless of the geographical location, there are usually five kinds of vehicle options provided. Especially for the commuters in the United States, the options for Black Car, mid-priced service, LUX, SUV and Uber’s Original are on the list to choose from. However, Uber comes out to be an ideal choice for the ones who are seeking for budget friendly services but some high end luxury cars can also be opted for the pick up or drop.

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