The advancements in the interfaces are made and are essential too after a certain period of time to keep the users up to date with the latest market trends. The latest update of OS X is Yosemite which is completely filled with a lot of exclusive features in its opening a number of new possibilities.

Features of OS X Yosemite


Here are a few things that every user must know about the all new OS X Yosemite:

Elegant New Look

Although OS X has updated but its beauty, simplicity and power is not compromised. The experience of using OS X Yosemite is enhanced as you dig into its details. Various things right from translucency of streamlined toolbars and windows to icons, fonts and buttons throughout the system has changed giving it a new elegant look. When using the same on Retina Display, the user experience gets much more amazing.

Connect iOS and Mac More Conveniently

With this latest update, the users can now connect iOS and Mac more conveniently like never before and moreover one can perform various incredible things, by connecting it with iOS or Mac device, which earlier used to be imaginable only.

Make Voice Calls Without Picking Your iPhone

The user can now receive or make voice calls without even picking up the iPhone. this is because you can now pick calls directly from your mac computer.


Commence Document Editing From Where You Left Off

In addition, adding more to its productivity, the users are provided with the flexibility of commencing editing of any document or email or web surfing on one device right from the point where it was left off on another.

Apps Got Better

It is globally known that Mac is known for its beautifully designed state of the art apps that every user loves using for routine tasks too. But now, with the advancement of OS X Yosemite, the users are treated with more amazing apps to perform the same daily routine tasks such as apps used for web surfing, sending messages, reading emails or for organizing the content or files in your device. All this has become much simpler apart from getting elegant looks.

Hidden Features of OS X Yosemite

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