Want to make a nice presentation about problem solving, brainstorming and the need for continuous improvement? Using some symbolic imagery might just be the answer to a presentation that impresses your audience. Keyhole Light PowerPoint Template provides a set of visually appealing, animated sample slides that are perfect for making presentations about problem solving.

Animated PowerPoint Template With Problem Solving Themed Imagery

Whether you are looking to encourage your employees to come up with fresh ideas, need to make a presentation about outside the box thinking or have plans to introduce initiatives for improving productivity at the workplace, the lock and keyhole imagery can help you unlock the true potential of your creativity!


Keyhole Light PowerPoint Template

Highly Customizable Sample Slides With Flexible Layouts

This PowerPoint template starts off with an animated slide of a keyhole emitting light. This is followed by slides with more animations and diverse layouts to help you create attractive presentations with ease. The clipart items and various layouts in this template are highly customizable and you can change everything from the color of the slides and objects to the entire layout.

Keyhole Clipart

Create Timelines, Agenda Slides, Charts And More

The template makes it possible to create anything from project timelines to agenda slides, charts or other types of essential slides using editable sample content, which has been crafted by expert professionals.


Keyhole PowerPoint Template With Graph

These slides have been designed to have a visually appealing impact, to positively affect the audience with the help of witty imagery and embedded video animations.

Keyhole Timeline Slide

Among the plethora of layouts the template also offers SmartArt Graphics and sequential slides, as well as slides suitable for making single, two picture or three picture slides, where you may be able to present your opinion using just a handful of (or a single) image.

Keyhole PowerPoint Template With SmartArt Graphics

The Keyhole Light Template is available for the following versions of PowerPoint and Keynote:

  • PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 (PC)
  • PowerPoint and Keynote (Mac)

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