Presentation is an effective way to convey your ideas and views about a topic to others. It is a way to build strong communication links between the speaker and the gathering. But what if your ideas are not able to reach the audience and you are not able to make them understand your viewpoint?

As a presenter, identifying and overcoming presentation barriers is crucial to get success for which you should have the ability to recognize and rectify it.


Lets take a look at the common problems faced by individuals and tips to overcome these difficulties.

Inadequate Knowledge about the Topic

If you are not clear with the thoughts and concepts of your topic then the probability of creating confusion is very high. It is important to have clear and complete information about the topic.

To overcome this difficulty, a thorough research is required. Studying the key facts and figures would help you in understanding the subject easily.

Overloaded Slides

It is not necessary to fill your PowerPoint slides with loads of information. Too much of information can create confusion in the minds of audience and can mess the whole scenario.


Covering the important facts and highlighting the key points would be sufficient. You can use a few examples to explain your point more conveniently but always remember not to overdo it.  Moreover, the number of slides should be reasonable in accordance with the time.

Improper Format

Irrelevant adjustment of slides, improper fonts and colors, excessive bullets and numbering can ruin the impact of your slideshow. So many images and graphics can also irritate the audience.

Try to use eye-pleasing text fonts and keep only a few simple and relevant images and charts. Keep the structure of your slideshow simple and organized.

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Nervousness and Lack of Self-Confidence

This is a very common problem which can be found with majority of presenters. Thinking too much about your performance, the fear to be judged by gathering and comparing yourself with others can cause failure.

You need to understand the reasons behind your fright and should overcome it by adopting appropriate measures. Positive thinking, relaxing and practice can make you feel more comfortable during the presentation. Get more ideas by reading our article on Good Way to Present Your Ideas Effectively while Delivering a PowerPoint Presentation.

Unable to Understand the Audience

Non-familiarity with the nature of the audience can be one of the major factors for your failure. The response given by the gathering measures the success rate of your presentation.

So it is important to have sufficient knowledge about the type and nature of the listeners so as to catch their attention.

Tackling with these challenges can help you to reach your goal easily. So prepare well and prove your talent to the world!