As WFH and remote meetings become frequent, there is now a need to better understand the use of platforms where people often require presenting PowerPoint presentations. We have singled out the top remote meeting platforms to show you how to present PowerPoint on Zoom, Teams, Skype, Webex and Google Meet.

While working from home might have gained momentum due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend is likely to stay! Many businesses have now discovered how they can cut down costs by hiring employees that can work from home, with little or no interaction with the physical office space. This was previously restricted to mainly freelancers providing ecommerce services. The most commonly used remote meeting apps being currently used include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco Webex and Google Meet.

How to Present PowerPoint on Zoom, Teams, Skype, Webex and Google Meet


If there is one app that has gained immense traction in 2020, it’s Zoom. The COVID-19 pandemic can be attributed to the rise of Zoom as one of the leaders in remote meetings. While many might consider presenting PowerPoint an easy task in Zoom, there is a lot more you can do to declutter your presentation, as explained in the video below. This is definitely an essential tool for anyone interested in working from home.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has been a hit with both corporate users, as well as people looking to find a cost-effective platform for remote meetings. Others might simply be inclined to join meetings as guests to talk to vendors, clients or employers who use the platform. Here is a video that shows you how to present PowerPoint on Teams.

Cisco Webex

Many people might not have even heard of Cisco Webex until they get an invite to join in for an online job interview. Webex is a popular and secure platform used by many large corporations. This means that many people who might not even be familiar with the platform might need to present a presentation such as a 30-60-90 day plan when called for a job interview. You can learn all about presenting a PowerPoint on Webex from the simple tutorial given below.



Skype is another popular remote meeting platform which has remained strong throughout the recent work from home trend. Be it Skype or Skype for Business, presenting slides through the platform remains relevant even during 2021. You can easily use Skype to share the screen with your team members and present a PowerPoint presentation to your team. Make this presentation more engaging using great backgrounds and themes, like the animated gray and red PowerPoint template.

Google Meet

Google Meet is the upgrade to the old remote meeting platform known as Hangouts, which seems to have been replaced by Google Meet and Google Chat. Google Meet was a bit of a surprise winner during the COVID-19 pandemic, as user engagement grew significantly on the platform.

What remote meeting app in your opinion works best for your meetings? Share your thoughts about the best remote meeting apps and suggest alternatives to our list in the comments section below.