To create an attention grabbing presentation, sometimes something simple and subtle can do the job for you. The Animated Red Grey PowerPoint Template comes with elegant grey slides with a red ribbon like layout. The template is simple, yet eye catching and can help you make your content get instantly noticed amidst the beautifully crafted layouts with shades of grey and red.

Animated Red and Grey Slides

With space for adding your logo, image and title the introductory slide serves as a powerful slide to begin your presentation. The slide gives sample content, which you can replace to add your own company logo, a background image and title. Additionally, you can also add a subtitle and the presenter’s name.


Animated Red Grey PowerPoint Template

The slides in this template come with animations. These animations have been added to slide objects. Once you edit the placeholders, the animations gel with them to automatically give you animated slides once you run your slide show.

Red and Grey PowerPoint Template

Introduce Your Company

You can reveal an entire company’s profile with details about the company, its history, services, financial standing and other fine details by using the sample slides in this template.


Red and Grey Picture Slide

Create Timelines, Infographics and Picture Slides

You can also create infographics, add charts, picture slides and create timelines using the given slides. The slides are flexible, and can be edited with ease. Even the slide objects are easily movable and replaceable.

Red Timeline

There is also an icon set with a handful of icons, which you can incorporate in your slides. This icon set provides icons within red badges. You can also add your own icons within these badges by replacing the existing ones.

Red Icon Set

The Animated Red Grey PowerPoint Template works with Windows and Mac version of PowerPoint. You can download this grey and red PowerPoint template via the links given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Red Grey PowerPoint Template