Microsoft PowerPoint users can use the fonts provided by Microsoft Windows but also their own fonts downloaded from Internet. In particular, using custom font types is an alternative chosen by experienced designers, or if you need to install a commercial font type after purchasing it online. This article will help you to learn how to install fonts in Microsoft PowerPoint.

To install a new font type in Windows and be able to use it on Microsoft PowerPoint must carry out a serie of steps in Windows.

First of all we must open Control Panel and then open Appearance and Personalization.

Then go to the Font option and click on the File menu. Here we can see the Install New Font option and we should click there.

Then we click on the drive letter and choose the path where you downloaded the new font to install. We will see the list of available fonts to be installed and we select. Finally we press the Install button and the fonts are installed on your system.

Then again we must open (or re-open) Microsoft PowerPoint and fonts available for use in our presentations.

An important detail that we must remember from this point is that while fonts are installed on your computer, if you later transfer the PPT file to another computer it might not have installed the same fonts using in our presentation, so be careful what font types are used and test the PowerPoint presentation after moving to another computer.

Installing fonts in PowerPoint is easy, you just need to follow the previous steps and voila.