While mobile operating systems like Android are quickly gaining ground, nothing still beats the desktop based PowerPoint program and the Microsoft Office suite. This is why we brought you a series of apps for Android that can help you view and edit MS Office files on Android, such as CloudOn and Smart Office 2. However, when it comes to editing functionality for standalone applications like PowerPoint, the best method may be to use a specialist app designed for to match precise user needs. Office 2012: Presentations (aka Presentations Mobile) by Softmaker is an Android app that lets users fully edit and customize PowerPoint presentations on Android, with animation effects and transitions.

Office 2012 Presentations

Edit PowerPoint Presentations On Android With Animations And Transitions

With Presentations Mobile you can view, edit and save PowerPoint files with all its native content and formatting. Instead of using Google Drive or other Android apps that can botch the look of a PowerPoint Presentation, this app displays presentations just like they would appear on a PC, complete with animations, sound, transition effects, images, etc.

Edit PowerPoint Presentations On Android

Outstanding Formatting Options

This app also supports character formatting options like underline, bold, italic, font size, different fonts, background color, text color, superscript and others. Other features include; paragraph formatting, support for bullet lists, TrueType or OpenType font, the utility of working with images, tables, imageholders, placeholders, slide sorter, notes view, outline view, Insert options to delete, duplicate, hide and rename slides, multi-level undo-redo and the ability to send presentations via email, in different file formats such as PPT, PPTX, PDF and HTML.

Outstanding Formatting Options

Support For Password Protected Files And Cloud Services

Unlike other Android apps of its kind, Presentations Mobile is compatible with both PPT and PPTX files. Furthermore, you can also view and save password protected PowerPoint files, play user-controlled or self-playing slideshows, as well as access documents from cloud based services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and Evernote.


Support For Password Protected Files And Cloud Services

Presentations Mobile works with Android devices running version 2.2. and above.

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