Google isn’t any stranger to introducing unexpected surprises. In a recent move, Google released a Google Drive Plugin for Microsoft Office. This free plugin can be installed as an add-in for MS Office to allow editing of Google Drive files directly in PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

Download & Install Google Drive Plugin for Windows

You can download this Google Drive Plugin and install it like any common Windows application, after which it will seamlessly integrate in your Office applications.


Google Drive plugin for Microsoft Office

Log in to Start Using Google Drive Plugin

Once installed, you will have to login to your Google account and grant access to use this plugin.

Login to Google Drive for Office plugin

Easily Access & Edit Google Drive Files in Office Apps

There are various options for accessing your online files using this plugin. You can either open an Office app and select ‘Open from Google Drive’ via the ‘Open’ menu or use the Google Drive tab in your Office apps.


Access Google Drive files in PowerPoint

You will naturally require Internet connectivity to search and download files from your Google Drive to edit them in your Office apps.

Slide Hunter sample presentation

Open, Edit & Share Files from PowerPoint, Excel or Word

As you can see from this image, the Google Drive tab enables you to open and access your online files, save files offline or save files to Google Drive, as well as to rename, move and share files online.


Google Drive plugin options

Save Offline Files Directly to Google Drive

A very handy feature of this plugin is that it enables you to save files real-time to Google Drive. While you can also do that using the Google Drive app for Windows, however, this method allows you to save your files as you edit them, without having to move them into a different folder.

Save MS Office files to Google Drive

Log in & Out of Google Accounts

By going to ‘Settings’ from the Google Drive tab you can login and log out of your Google accounts. This can help you manage multiple accounts easily via your Office applications.

Log in and out of google account from MS Word