Successful marketing requires communicating the right image of your company to your potential customers and then continuing the relationship after the initial purchase. A key tool in those efforts is a business card. In addition to serving as a convenient reminder of your contact information, a business card introduces your company and reinforces your company’s image. A business card is also invaluable in building and sustaining word-of-mouth marketing. Microsoft Publisher is a powerful program for making business cards. The program is easy to follow. You decide on design, color, orientation and logo. Print them in black ink or color. You can even take the saved file to a professional print shop for as many perfect copies as you need. Read on to learn how to make a business card using Microsoft Publisher.

Open Microsoft Publisher to create Business Cards and click Publications for Print located in the New Publication pane. Or, click File then New to access business card layouts.


At the top the templates are available 10 per page and do not allow for you to pre-edit it before going to the next part. They can be edited once you download the template.

Microsoft Publisher has a list of installed templates for Business cards. Choose any one of the template from the list & then click Create or double-click the template. On the right panel preview of the selected template is shown. Decide on color and font schemes from options in the Business Card Options pane. Or, you can keep the default setting for the card.


You can also insert your business information before continuing, doing this will also reduce the time to create your business card. After putting all necessary information click create to create customized business card.

Add your logo on the card where appropriate. To add logo it should be saved as an image file, you can also create one using a combination of Word Art, Smart Art, text boxes, shapes, and Clip Art options .Remember to include these basic elements in your business card:

  • Your company name and logo
  • Your name and title
  • Your mailing address and phone and fax numbers
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your Web site address (URL)

Save your business card and print. Use a heavy paper for cards and invest in a paper cutter for clean edges. Multiple cards will be shown in the preview. You can choose to print your cards out as Landscape or Portrait, but you are done with your business card.