PowerPoint Presentations have become a critical demonstration and sales generating factor in almost every sector, whether it is trade, education, scientific or technical field, these are the most applicable ways for presenting ideas, information and facts.

Creating and implying these presentations effectively such that not only the interest of your listeners is maintained, throughout the demonstration, but it also has the effect of call to action or brand recall. But it has been noticed invariably that impressing the contemporary audience is next to impossible and there are competitors waiting to lure them the moment your grasp loosens.


Here are a few guidelines that will aid in preventing a boring presentation:

Sufficient number of slides

If you plan the structure of your presentation in advance, you can surely avoid those abundant slides, which puts the audience to sleep as soon as they begin.

Too fewer slides or too many slides are the biggest problem creator. Hence go for average or suitable number of slides. If you plan it such that there are topics for you to speak, then avoid putting them on the slide. People can read the slides and repetition only causes boredom.

Intelligent usage of graphics and text

Do not clutter your slides with texts or graphics! Use them astutely. They are meant to enhance your presentation not to run the show.


You can definitely use videos and images to gain attention but do check the copyright issues and use these judiciously.

Keeping the expectancy rate high

Speak with the flair of a story teller and always keep the excitement and suspense alive. As long as the listeners are waiting for something to come-up they will never lose attention.

Blend of entertainment and simplicity

Be dramatic but do not exaggerate, at the same time be modest but not boring. Utilize the given time to the fullest and understand the space for serious and comic communication.

Avoid monotony

Prevent your presentation from becoming a long boring speech. Keep popping interesting questions to the audience so that they stay attentive. You can even introduce a video in the middle, so that they start expecting something else again later.

Save time to solve queries

Allot the last five minutes for the audience to clarify their doubts and always answer with a genuine smile.

Once you have been able to pull the presentation into the middle half with the listeners still alert, the conclusion is not faraway but every point that you put forward should have some something innovative and interesting about it.

Now, follow these ideas and create a thrilling presentation!