Some presentations can be made meaningful by simply representing just a few words popping up on the screen. You can use signboard animations or cleverly designed placeholders with custom text for this very purpose. Similarly, you can depict billboards with images to deliver your message to an audience. The Hands Holding Letters and Signs PowerPoint Template gives editable signboard like layouts for getting your message across with a few letters or images.

Editable Letters and Signs

This PowerPoint template gives professionally designed graphics which come with editable signboards that you can edit with a custom message or image. The default content is more geared towards teamwork and collaboration. You can click on the given text to change it according to need and redesign the layouts as you need to.


Edit Sample Text

The customization options are quite extensive, as you can not only edit the sample text but even recolor it. Some sample slides come with words like health, success, and teamwork. Other slides give layouts that offer more variety in terms of how you intend to design your slides.

The slide below can be used for presenting a line of text or two. It depicts two hands holding signs with space for adding your text.


Say it All with Just a Few Words

Various other sample layouts provide different layouts for adding your text in a manner that it instantly catches the attention of the audience. The best thing about this template is that you can use the given slide designs to give out a message using the least amount of text. There are also slides that can help you create lists for adding your bullet points.

Use Images to Deliver your Message

You can also use the image based layouts for sending out your message. Just replace the given sample images with your own and give a caption to present your views using powerful images.

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