When writing official emails one can often be at a loss for words. Mostly, the most confusing part is how to begin your email without looking awfully inappropriate. Contactually is a web app which provides email templates according to email type, to help you automatically generate text for your emails.

Contactually email templates

Select Audience for Your Email

To generate a template for your email, select an audience, followed by what the email is about. The audience menu contains options for generating emails for your customer, lead, past client, etc.

Select template

Select What The Email is About

When selecting your email category, you can pick options related to your audience. For example, if you are sending an email to a customer, you can choose whether the email is a follow up, update or you want to touch base related to a specific topic.

What is the email about

Generate Email Template

Once the audience and email type has been specified, click Generate Template to view your helpful text.

Generate template

Send Email to Recipient

Below is an example of how your sample text will be generated. As you can see, everything from a suggested subject to basic content for the email is generated, with space for adding the name of the recipient and other relevant information. You can use this sample text as a blueprint for writing your emails and even save it as a template for future emails of this type.

Making a template can help you easily fill in the relevant details (e.g. customer and venture name), to quickly send out a formal email for official correspondence. Do not forget to secure your emails by adding a digital signature to the message header as it is an important way to protect your email.

Open template in email client

Open Email in Mail Client

You can also open your emails in any mail client by entering your and the recipient’s email and clicking Send Now.

Open in email client

If you are new at sending official emails or find it hard to keep in mind the various formalities required for sending official emails, you can fall back on your templates for guidance or generate a new template anytime.

Email template open in Outlook 2013

You can generate email templates without requiring any account sign-up. However, if you choose to use their CRM email marketing features, you have the option to create a Contactually account. To begin creating your email templates, you can visit Contactually’s website.

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