Most of you have collected digital assortments using a stack of CDs and then copying them into your computer devices. Collecting the data using this method was a time consuming process. iTunes Match came as a perfect solution to all this.

iTunes is considered as one of the most amazing features that allows you to immediately download your favorite music to a mobile device and following details entail everything you need to know about iTunes Match.


iTunes Match

Download Music Tracks Anywhere, Anytime

Any kind of music bought on iTunes is always available for you using the iCloud and it lets you to download your favorite tracks at any time. iTunes Match scans your music library and compares it with the 20 million songs available on the platform. Any matches will then be available to you for instant download on any of your devices, anywhere.

Play Songs Without Syncing Your Playlist


You can play some of your favorite songs whenever you want, instead of being at home and syncing a playlist from your computer with a boring old cable.


While playing your favorite tracks on iTunes Match, it enables you to delete music from hard drive because you know it is available for direct download in the near future. Also, it ensures that when you run iTunes Match for your desired tracks, nothing happens to your local library.

The most important thing that you should know about iTunes Match is that the tracks matched to iTunes keep the things like artwork and track name same as that of the original.

Stream Songs Over the Air to Your Device

iCloud helps you to stream the songs over the Air to your device. The process might appear the same as that on the iOS devices, but practically this tool downloads the copy of the track and initiates playing the track once it is buffered. Consequently, though it seems to stream, truly it is taking up the storage space like you downloaded it anyway.