Nowadays, most people have more than one email account that they require managing, along with calendars, tasks, and chats. Be it a personal account or professional email account provided by the employer, the need for a unified interface to manage all those complex accounts has increased. Unfortunately, email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird provide limited functionality for such an integration. This is where eM Client can be a great alternative mail client.

eM client, alternative to Outlook and Thunderbird

Integrate Email accounts, calendars, tasks, chat clients in a single interface

With eM Client, you can easily integrate your email accounts, calendars, tasks, and chat clients in a single, uncluttered interface. The app makes use of modern design to provide a minimalist and easy-to-sort interface. You can add accounts from IMAP, POP3 and SMTP, including proprietary and all famous services such as Yahoo Mail,, Microsoft 365, Gmail, etc. You can also use it like any typical mail client to integrate Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, manage your calendars, tasks, and meeting schedules from multiple services.


em client support for major services

Additionally, eM Client also allows integrating services like Google Hangouts and Jabber to chat from within a unified interface while managing your email accounts.

em client google hangouts and jabber

Like other mail clients, you can integrate your calendars to eM Client, be it Google Calendars, iCloud Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Fruux and CalDAV.


em client calendar services

Integrating Accounts in eM Client

To integrate a new account, go to Menu, followed by Tools and Accounts.

add mail account to em client

You can enter to add a new account to integrate to eM Client from the dialogue box which pops up.


adding an account to em client

The account setup section provides you the option to integrate your email, chat, calendar and contacts.

pick account options to sync

You can also pick and choose the services you intend to integrate to eM Client. For example, while adding a Gmail account you can choose IMAP or SMTP, as well as other services such as Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Settings. For Google Hangouts, you will require XMPP.

add accounts to em client

Manage All Your Contacts, Agendas and Chats

An email client aims to increase your productivity and performance while working with emails. Needless to say, eM Client like other email clients, enables you to manage your agendas, calendars, and tasks. With the added advantage of working chats from the same interface.


manage calendars and tasks in em client

Being able to chat via famous platforms can give you the advantage of using a simple, lightweight interface with all your services unified, instead of opening multiple apps for different accounts.

chat client

Feature Overview of eM Client

You can get a quick overview of eM Client features from the official video by the developer.


While many people use premium mail clients like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, they can be insufficient for uncluttered integration of various accounts. Since they are designed mainly for proprietary use. This is why platforms for integrating multiple accounts (shared inbox) in recent years have garnered user interest, such as the HiverHQ, Missive, etc.

You can use eM Client as a viable alternative for not only premium mail clients but also other collaboration platforms to easily integrate all your content within a unified interface, with support for your agendas, tasks, calendars and chat client. eM Client is an all-in-one communication hub and a great alternative if you need to communicate with your teamwork and collaborators by chat or email. You can try out eM Client for free with all major features for a limited time before opting to make a purchase. There are various premium account options for businesses, as well as for individuals.