We often come across images from the web that we wish to use for our personal projects and PowerPoint presentations. However, before these images can be used, one may require getting rid of the background to blend the picture with a custom background. Unfortunately, this is not easy to do and many people don’t have Photoshop or Icons8 to remove image backgrounds. Moreover, not everyone is good with complex tools like Photoshop. Clipping Magic is a free web service which can help you remove background from images in a snap.

Drag And Drop Images To Remove Background, No Sign Up Required

Clipping Magic requires no sign up and you can instantly begin using this web app by choosing a picture from your computer or mobile device. you can also drag and drop a picture to remove its background.

Select Areas To Keep And Remove

In case you find the functionality of this web app confusing, simply click Help for instant instructions. After an image has been uploaded, use the areas to keep with the Green brush (Foreground) and the area to remove with the Red brush (Background).

Clipping Magic Instructions

The below image demonstrates this functionality. As you use the Red brush your background begins to shrink and you are given a preview of the remaining background in the second pane (within the web app). You can also use the Red or Green brush on the Preview pane to remove the unwanted area from the uploaded image.

Remove Background

Download Image After Removing Background Or Share It Online

After the background has been removed from your uploaded image, you can download it in PNG format. Of course, you can convert the image to any other format later on, using any common image editing or viewing application. Alternatively, you can share the image online using a Private Link.

Download Image

Below is a screenshot of the image we removed the background from. As you can see from the below example, you can also remove parts of the background and keep some of it. However, Clipping Magic also allows complete removal of the background.

Image Without Background

To remove background from images, head over to Clipping Magic and let the magic work for you. Alternatively, you can use free online tools with background removers or an online image resizer to resize the size of your images.

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