When making academic presentations one might have to heavily cite PDF documents. This can be both laborious and difficult, as copying diagrams, text and images can take a long time. This is because many a times it can be hard to get the formatting right for copied content in PowerPoint. Furthermore, you might want to edit those documents as PowerPoint slides to add your own notes and labels for better explanation. SmallPDF is a web service which enables seamless conversion from PDF to PowerPoint, making converted documents editable as slides.

Convert PDF Files as Editable PowerPoint Slides

The good thing about SmallPDF is that it doesn’t simply convert PDF pages to image but actually makes it possible to edit the content within PDF files in the form of PowerPoint slides. You can import files via Dropbox or Google Drive or simply upload a PDF to convert it.


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PDf to PowerPoint converter

The conversion process might take a few minutes so you might have to wait a bit before the file becomes available for download. We converted a PDF file with two flow charts and it took somewhere around 5 minutes or so to convert. While the conversion process might be a bit slow, the final product is quite high quality as compared to similar services.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint


Download Converted File or Save to Dropbox or Google Drive

Once the file is ready, you can save it to a cloud account or download it offline. The supported cloud services include; Dropbox and Google Drive.

Download converted PDF file as PowerPoint presentation

The below image shows our converted document and as you can see, the converted flowchart diagram became editable upon conversion.

Edit converted PDF flowchart

Other Conversion Options & PDF Tools

SmallPDF is not just a PDF to PowerPoint converter as it also provides a number of handy tools like other services of its kind; namely ILovePDF and FoxyUtils. The other tools provided by SmallPDF provide free PDF to Word, Word to PDF, PDF to Excel, Excel to PDF, PDF to JPG, JPG to PDF and PPT to PDF conversion. Furthermore, you can merge, password protect, unlock, compress and split PDF files.

Convert PDf files to Office formats

SmallPDF is a free web service and there are no strings attached to converting files. This makes it suitable for not only personal use but also for converting files for official purposes. In case you want more enhanced features, you can check out SmallPDF Pro and the premium desktop software, SolidPDF by the same developer from the SmallPDF website.

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