What is a smart watch? A smart watch is actually a normal watch that serves you with the purposes far beyond that. These are in actual secondary notification screens for a smart phone that can notify you who is calling you, a calendar alert or any message received and much more. Instead of pulling out your phone from the pocket, you can perform various functions through these.

Android wear


Here is how you can connect your phone to your wrist with Android Wear:

Android Wear is a smart watch that can be synchronized with any Android phone and is compatible with every widget in your Android phone. The smart watches, Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360 and LG G-Watch, currently support dozens of applications and the developers are trying to get the most out of these products.

Get Things Done More Conveniently

These smart watches help saving a lot of time especially when you are in a meeting where you cannot take out your phone or even while driving when you do not want to stop or get a ticket for using phone while driving.

Instantly Get Useful Information Using Voice Commands

Android Wear gives you the useful information when you need it most. The information is organized strategically and even suggests what you need and provides it prior you ask for it. Whenever you receive any message, notification of any appointment or even the weather update, everything is displayed at a glance. In addition, Android Wear can smartly respond to your voice commands. Just say “OK Google” and then ask a question such as “What time is it in New York?” or “How do I get to the nearest ATM?” or even “Will it rain this weekend?” and you will be answered straightaway.


Reach Your Fitness Goals

Some smart watches also have heart rate monitors with the help of which you can reach your fitness goals. Keeping track of your everyday fitness summaries comes very handy with it. You can keep detailed track of your daily exercise and even food count too. Unlike earlier, now the new Android Wear shows you notifications for every application installed on your Android phone. You can browse for the suggested applications on Google Play.

Sync Android Apps With Your Watch

Entertainment is the most important part of every individual’s life and you can synchronize such applications with Android Wear. It lets you skip, play or pause music tracks. You cannot miss your flight as it provides your flight information prior going to the airport. Additionally, using voice commands, you can also get the navigation details in a few seconds right on your wrist. Do not forget to check the compatibility of Android Wear. As per the developers and manufacturers, it works perfectly with the phones running Android 4.3 or higher.