Laptops have now been replaced by iPads and majority of people prefer carrying these in lieu of their laptop on their business tours or for various other purposes. Numerous productive and entertainment applications have been developed by the developers these days and iMeetingsPad is one of those. This is one of those applications that have helped users to quit using physical notepads.



Here are a few features with the help of which you can collect, organize and share notes from meetings on iPad using iMeetingsPad app:

This application has been developed with a clear vision to help you get organized and share the typical written notes and drawings taken during your meeting. It provides you a very clear interface and comprises of numerous options for customization such as paper type, color and size of font and style of fonts too. This application is very user friendly that starts with a plain template to take down the notes.

iMeetingsPad application for Apple iPad can be perfectly used to synchronize and share your notes or drawings with other people by connecting your device with the projector. There are plenty of simple, as well as several complex tools for drawing along with a plethora of clip art images to incorporate in your notes.

You can even edit the images or shapes or text by moving, rotating, resizing or even changing color of the pictures anytime, which is not possible with a physical notepad.


There are times when you take down notes in a hurry, in a completely messy way on your iPad. You can even organize those messy notes afterwards and can share them with your colleagues or any other acquaintances with the help of a projector or TV by connecting your iPad through a video adapter cable.

You can even e-mail your notes and there is also an option to convert them to PDF format directly from within the application.

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