In today’s modern day world, when you are working in Microsoft PowerPoint, to make a point in your Presentation it may become imperative for you to quote authoritative sources or studies. Your audience is likely to trust your sources only if they are believable and precise. By using a citation style, you can simply refer facts or graphs, charts and direct quotes.

When it comes to talk about Cite Your PowerPoint, well it means giving acknowledgement to resources that you have significantly used to strengthen your business Presentation. No doubt, PowerPoint Presentations are extensively used by presenters to present their idea more precisely and explicitly. Thus, it becomes necessary for people to cite them effectively.

Different Styles to Cite PowerPoint Presentation

There are various styles to cite PowerPoint Presentations that are widely used these days. Take a look at some of them that are sure to give you a clear insight about how to cite a PowerPoint:

The MLA Style

In this Modern Language Association style, you need to cite a PowerPoint Presentation just like a public address or speech. In an article or paper, you will be able to discover all the important information associated with every element of this citation style. It is mainly used for humanities discipline such as: literary criticism, English studies, literature and language.

The CMS Style

For citing the Presentations, the Chicago Manual of Style gives you a clear numbered format. Not just this, it allows you to cite PowerPoint Presentations in two diverse formats that you have chosen yourself. This style mainly necessitates the reference list and in text author date citations or a bibliography.

The APA Style

Undoubtedly, American Psychological Association style provides you with an appropriate format to cite PowerPoint Presentations that are easily available online. For authors who are writing scientific publications, APA is the most widely used format amongst many others. It is often used in social sciences, nursing and business.

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The mentioned above styles will help you cite a PowerPoint Presentation effectively. Now, coming to the rules for citing it, it always varies as per how you got at the Presentation. Apart from these styles, there are many more as well that you may consider in citing PowerPoint.