One of the best ways to bore your workforce is to put them to sleep with a bunch of slides laden with statistical data and no reference to the workforce to make them feel a part of the presentation. There is obviously a better way to get your message across to the workforce!

Make Your Team Feel a Part of Your Presentations With The Business Workforce Template

Mentioning employees and team members, even symbolically can help you gain their attention during a presentation and most importantly, to retain it. Business Workforce Template is an animated presentation template which can help you depict different team members, employees and departments, using animated characters. The template is easy to edit and has versions for PowerPoint and Keynote.


workforce powerpoint template

Easy To Edit Business Themed Animated Slides

The business themed animated slides in this template are easy to edit and merely adding text is sufficient to create an animated slide, as the text will mash up with the pre-configured animations. You can also add your company logo and images to further customize the look of each animated slide.

animated business workforce template

Create Custom Slide Layouts With Business Workforce Clipart

The template features business workforce clipart with employees depicted in different actions. You can use these characters to show your employees in presentation slides, including individual employees and different teams.


business workforce clipart

Make Statistical Information Interesting With Animated Workforce Chart

The template features both animated and static charts, including an animated chart that is populated with workforce icons. You can customize this chart to display your statistical information in a more interesting manner, one that is likely to keep your audience interested in the data, without being overwhelmed with uninteresting imagery.

animated business workforce chart

Available in Standard And Widescreen Format

This animated template has versions available in widescreen and standard format, which makes it ideal for different types of monitors, including widescreen monitors and large HD screens.

business workforce objectives

The Business Workforce Template works with the following devices:

  • PowerPoint (PC and Mac OS)
  • Keynote (iPad and Mac OS)

Go to Presenter Media – Business Workforce Template (Standard Version)

Go to Presenter Media – Business Workforce Template (Widescreen Version)