For both the enterprise and small businesses, Bring Your Own Device aka BOYD is actually becoming an accepted business practice. It combines the workforce’s personal and business life and also encourages employees to use their own digital equipment for business purposes. In fact, individuals are more creative when offered the liberty of working from remote locations or home. Since, productivity does not necessarily come out of a cabin.

No doubt, the BYOD initiative presents new challenges and opportunities to enterprises who want to balance satisfaction and employee mobility with corporate security. Companies with bring your own device policy report that their staff are more productive now. Since, they can simply catch up with work emails on the go, as they can check project tasks anytime, anywhere.


Advantages Of The Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) Initiative

It is right to say that BYOD is all about employees using their own equipment with which they are comfortable at home and on the job. Not just this, there are many more advantages associated with this concept.

  • Employees using identical technologies at home and workplace tend to be more productive. With this, employees will be more satisfied with the equipment and technology they utilize, because they have their choice of technology. For example, in an office which may consist of Linux based computers, an employee can bring his/her Windows 8 tablet to use applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel.
  • If the employees wants to deviate from a software or equipment supplied by the organization, then it may so happen that the company itself shifts some expenses of IT software and equipment purchases to its workers.
  • For working off company premises, employees may take the advantage of cloud based technology to make data available directly to their portable equipment for continuing the work day off site if necessary.
  • The employees personal devices tend to be more cutting edge and so this is how organizations get the advantage of the latest capabilities and features. Thus, it can be said that this approach is not only benefiting the workforce but the organization as well.

Hence, Bring your Own Device trend is here to stay because it is giving the huge positive results for the employees and organizations.