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Some Dos And Don’ts For Lean Startups

When Eric Ries created the concept of lean startup, he had already studied and learnt from the common mistakes, that he saw most people committed. So, he laid down some dos and don’ts to ensure that people applied the model of lean startups effectively. In most cases people consider their startup as more of a […]

How To Create Self-Running PowerPoint Slide Shows

Instead of walking your audience through different slides manually, it can be sometimes useful to create a self-running slideshow with textual content. Such slide shows are often found on screens located at the entrance of a company’s branch office, with brand advertisements, mission statements or with pictures of the best employees of a quarter. Furthermore, […]

How To Add Tabs For PowerPoint 2013 And Older Versions

One of the few things that can really improve the functionality of Microsoft PowerPoint is a tabbed interface. Unfortunately, this is not available by default. Tabs For PowerPoint is a third-party application that adds tabs to PowerPoint 2013 and older versions; including PowerPoint 2010, 2007 and 2003.

How To Communicate Professionally At The Workplace

The way you communicate with your colleagues plays an important role in deciding your personality.  It is an important part of any business which not only fosters healthy teamwork but also reflects your way of dealing with other employees of the company.


How To Create Cool PowerPoint Backgrounds

Many people prefer using default or third-party readymade PowerPoint Templates for making presentations. However, with a little bit of effort you can even create cool PowerPoint backgrounds on your own. Creating PowerPoint backgrounds is easier than it might seem and can be done using the most rudimentary options in PowerPoint.

How To Maintain Diversity in A Presentation According To Your Audience

For a presenter who faces different types of audience every day, it is quite challenging to demonstrate ideas, concepts or skills to match these varying mind-sets. In order to deliver a customer-engaging presentation, it is important that you put yourself in the shoes of your listeners while speaking. Bringing diversity in a presentation according to […]


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