Be it the UEFA Champions League, FA Cup or the FIFA World Cup, soccer craze can be found among die hard fans throughout the year. If it’s not the international championships, one can always opt for watching the English Football League or perhaps the German Bundesliga. If you’re someone who can’t seem to get enough of the beautiful game and want to incorporate soccer themed imagery in your presentation or project, we have a collection of some of the best soccer clipart for PowerPoint that you are ever likely to find.

Best soccer clipart for PowerPoint

Soccer Ball on Fire Clipart

Soccer is a game of passion and this image perfectly symbolizes that sentiment. This soccer clipart can be downloaded with transparent or white background. You can even change the color of the fire from the download page using the given settings. It is worth mentioning here that you will find similar customization options for all the PowerPoint clipart images listed in this post.


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Soccer ball on fire clipart

Wall Crack Soccer Ball Clipart

This awesome clipart depicts a soccer ball stuck in a wall as if it has been hit hard into it. You can use this clipart in your presentation slides and give it a witty title to make interesting soccer themed slide decks.

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Wall crack soccer ball clipart

Brazil Flag with Soccer Ball Clipart

Even people who know nothing about football usually know about Brazil’s long association with the game and the legendary place it holds in the world of soccer. This beautiful clipart depicts a flag of Brazil next to a soccer ball, making it perfect for soccer themed presentations.

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Brazil flag with soccer ball clipart


Football Clipart with your Country Flags

In case you want to download a soccer clipart with your country flag or a soccer ball image covered in your national colors, you can download soccer clipart specific to your home country via the link below. You can also search for clipart, templates and animated presentation templates related to your country by using the search bar at the Presenter Media website.

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Football clipart with your country flags

Stick Figure Dribbling Soccer Ball

This clipart shows a stick figure playing with a soccer ball. This is a generic image which can be easily used with your specific presentation topic by adding custom text next to it.

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Stick figure dribbling soccer ball


Soccer Net Clipart

A standalone image of a soccer net can be a perfect image for a soccer related presentation. Like other clipart images in this post, you can choose to download this clipart with a clear or white background.

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Soccer net clipart

Want more soccer clipart? Check out the link given below for dozens of high-quality soccer clipart images. You might also be interested in these Animated Soccer PowerPoint Templates.