HTML5 based presentation platforms have made it possible to create unconventional, zooming presentations which are arguably far more visually appealing than PowerPoint slides. Yet, the zooming UI platforms are still one of the most underused presentation tools. There are a number of services which you can use for making amazing interactive presentations; which give the option to save zooming presentations offline or present them directly via a browser.

Best services for making interactive presentations with zooming UI


When it comes to zooming, interactive presentations, Prezi is the most well-known tool. You can use Prezi by logging in with an account via a browser or use the Windows or Mac app to create your zooming presentations. Prezi also has apps for Android and iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Furthermore, you can even import a PowerPoint presentation and convert it to Prezi format. Other than the option to present Prezis online, you also get the utility of saving them offline as presentable, portable Prezis. These can be used to present Prezis when you don’t have Internet connectivity. You can also save your Prezis in PDF format.


Although Prezi is a paid tool, you can try it out on a trial basis to test drive its various features. The price tag I believe is one of the major reasons why Prezi has not been a wide success. On the contrary, we all know that there are a plethora of workarounds for using PowerPoint for free such as the PowerPoint Online web app and alternative services like Google Drive which support PowerPoint file formats.

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Prezi presentations with zooming UI


Slides is a zooming UI web app which provides a set of features that can help you create not only zooming presentations but also product demos, resumes, reports and infographics. With an interactive interface and a number of useful tools, you can fashion your presentations with analytics and export presentations offline. You can also broadcast your slides Live to an audience and enable them to follow the slides being presented on their mobile devices via URL.


Slides has a free Basic edition with 250MB free space. All decks created with the free version are Public by default.

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Slides web service


Mindmeister is a mind mapping tool and with a zooming UI. You can create mind maps, collaborate in real-time with colleagues and create amazing zooming presentations with floating topics. You can also embed your presentations and mind maps to a website or export them offline. Furthermore, you can broadcast your presentations Live to your collaborators.


Mindmeister has a free package with a limit of 3 mind maps. There are a number of paid packages for personal, professional and enterprise use.

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MindMeister mind map

Infinite Canvas

While Infinite Canvas isn’t a very feature rich tools it does serve as an interesting resource for making comic book like presentations. You can add images via URL and create presentations, infographics and comics with an amazing zooming UI.

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Infinite canvas