When you’re sending mass emails, it’s always good to track your emails to know who got it, opened it, clicked your links and which ones bounced. We have compiled a list of the best email tracking services to keep you on top of your mailing game.

Best Email Tracking Services



This is not only a great service but the free version of MailChimp gives all the needed features to send out mass emails without worrying about getting them sent to junk mail, tracking your emails, links and finding out which of your recipients did not get the email. The service even provides details about soft and hard bounces so that you know which of the recipients no longer have an active email and which ones faced an error due to mail server restrictions.

MailChimp can be used by using the various templates it offers or you can design your own emails from scratch. When sending emails, you can use lists by uploading addressing using CSV or TXT files or by adding them individually. You can also copy-paste emails to your lists. Furthermore, you can define an email address which the recipients will see as the sender’s address, with options to keep your emails personalized own to your name, email address and signature.

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This is another great service for tracking emails. It even has an add-in for Outlook. You can connect your emails with Yesware and track who opened your emails, which links were clicked by the recipients, and get details about which files were downloaded. Furthermore, Yesware also offers some personalized templates to help you create professional emails according to the type of recipient you need to address.

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ToutApp is an email, document and website tracking service which is meant to track engagement for sales related content. With this service you can send emails from your own or ToutApp’s high-performance servers, create automated sales campaigns, with support for Gmail, Outlook, phone systems and social accounts.

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With the services mentioned above, you can track your emails, make better use of sales data and ensure your messages are read and received by the right audience to improve your brand outreach.