Cloud storage services have reached a new milestone these days with the development and launch of a variety of apps. These services have provided more efficiency, flexibility and accountability to the users.



Best cloud storage services

Here are some of the best cloud apps available right now that every user can use for free, across a variety of devices:


Dropbox is amongst the top on the list of cloud storage apps. It is available for the variety of devices that run on Mac, iOS and Android platform and is trending a lot all across the globe. It offers different paid plans, varying right from beginners to the enterprise levels, and the user can choose according to the need.

Google Drive

Google Drive also on the charts for a long time and has been successful in accomplishing the requirements of numerous people universally. It is one of the best products by Google. It helps to collaborate and access any spreadsheet or document not only from a browser but even from the iOS app too. This tool supports a variety of file types like illustrator, Photoshop and different video formats too and search can be well implemented in it. There is some limited space provided for free and different paid plans are also offered for large storage space.



Copy, a proficient cloud storage app, by Barracuda might not be as popular as the other two apps but it is one of their best competitor apps prevailing right now. Storage space for up to 15 GB is provided for free to every user and if required something above that, it comes to be chargeable. This reliable app can also be downloaded for free online.


SkyDrive was the former name of OneDrive provided by Microsoft. It is the company’s own cloud storage facility that can be combined with Microsoft Office Online as well as the full desktop versions of Microsoft Office too. For the first 15 GB it is completely free for the users and above that the users are required to opt for their paid services. This cloud storage app can now be downloaded free.

The best thing about the above mentioned services is that they are not only free and reliable but also have apps for a variety of platforms, ranging from iOS, Windows Phone, Android to PCs, Mac and Linux based operating systems. Needless to say, you can also access your files using an Internet browser.