Celebration themed templates for the New year can make your slides more cheerful. The New Year requires a lot of people to prepare new plans and present them in the form of PowerPoint presentations. With the help of the templates we have lined up, you can create attractive presentations to serve your professional needs. Here is a list of the Best Animated Celebration PowerPoint Templates for the New Year.

2020 Celebration PowerPoint Template

This white presentation template comes with editable 2020 slides, where you can replace the year anytime to reflect other years instead of 2020. The confetti backdrop adds some holiday cheer to the slides, while making your presentation eye-catching and visually appealing.


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2020 celebration powerpoint template

2020 New Year To Do List PowerPoint Template

You can create your New Year To do lists and slides with upcoming tasks or events using this template. The template uses a white background, with sample lists, mind map and celebration themed slides; to help you design presentations that can be used to showcase lists for the New Year.

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2020 new year to do list powerpoint template

Animated Winter and New Year PowerPoint Template

With icons related to the New Year and holiday season, this presentation template is a good resource for making presentations with key messages for the New Year. You can edit the sample slides to create any type of presentation layout to suit your needs.

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2020 winter new year powerpoint template

Interactive 2020 Calendar for PowerPoint

To create timelines, show project progress and plans, financial forecasts and other types of content related to the New Year, you can use this Interactive 2020 Calendar for PowerPoint. The template provides buttons to easily switch between different months to show content related to each month of the year. You can create detailed notes within a calendar layout to mark important days of the year and to showcase project related information or company goals and roadmaps.

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interactive 2020 calendar for powerpoint

You can also check out a wide range of other animated presentation templates for the Holiday Season and New Year from the below link.