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Create a Calendar in PowerPoint 2010 with Shapes and Tables

The Microsoft PowerPoint is certainly a best choice for creating and distributing slide shows, but do not discount the PowerPoint for other purposes. PowerPoint can help streamline some of your everyday tasks, like, keeping track of a schedule and ongoing appointments. Through it’s in program templates, PowerPoint provides a way for users to customize calendars […]

Create Flow Chart using SmartArt in PowerPoint 2010

Flow charts help you demonstrate different processes that are occurring. They are an excellent guide to have when you need to demonstrate different decisions involved in a process. With the introduction of SmartArt in the Microsoft PowerPoint, anyone can create a flow chart. SmartArt gives you flow chart templates in which you can add your […]

Make a Bi-Fold Template in PowerPoint 2010

Bi-Fold PowerPoint Templates are used to design a flyer, catalog, and purposes as well. To prepare the bi-fold design for a PowerPoint template, the best way to do it is accessing the Master View. Delete any placeholders on the slide, such as text boxes, by clicking on them to select them and pressing Delete. Microsoft added new […]

Insert Simple Horizontal Line in PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 provides a Line button so that users can draw straight lines on slides. With PowerPoint 2010 open slide, choose a location for horizontal line, Click Shapes from Insert Tab the icon of buttons looks a straight line. This tool bar has many drawing that you can insert in your PowerPoint. For example […]

Create Statistical Control Chart in PowerPoint 2010

Control chart in PowerPoint is a tool used for SPC (statistical process control) in manufacturing operations. The chart graphically shows process steadiness by plotting the occurrence of defined events or particular values or measurements. Upper and lower control limits are made evident to display when plotted data for an event or value falls outside the […]

NDA Template for Microsoft Word

NDA template for Microsoft Word is a free Non- Disclosure document template that can be used. They templates are provided free for users. Solo practitioners and small firms get benefit from being able to use these forms, or provisions from these forms, in their practice. NDA  template can be used when a mutual agreement is not needed, for […]

Mastering Animations in PowerPoint 2010

In this tutorial we’ll briefly look at a few of the more useful PowerPoint animations for your presentation. First we’ll need shapes or text for the presentation. Once you have whatever it is you’d like to animate, select it and click on the Animations tab. Immediately you’ll notice a default selection of animations. These are […]

Good New Presentation Templates in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint is a staple of the Microsoft Office suite and PowerPoint 2013 is a significant update and a presentation tool that is easier to use than ever, and enables even novice users to create polished presentations. PowerPoint 2013 starts by presenting a variety of new and free design templates to choose from. When you select one […]

Download free Clipart images from Microsoft Office website

Downloading and adding Clip Art in any Microsoft Office program is easy and features two methods. We’ll be explaining both methods in this tutorial. We’ll start using Microsoft PowerPoint. After clicking Insert and then Clip Art, you see the Clip Art search area to your right. At the bottom of this search box, you’ll want […]

How to use simple invoice in MS Word 2010

Every cash flow starts with an invoice .This is most basic, useful but simple invoice template for Microsoft Word, easy to customize and has all the important things to make the bill process simple.  If you take more than one line for a description, make certain to pass in the quantity and price on the […]

Download Free Clipart for PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Online is a great compliment to Microsoft Office 2010 because it allows you to download free clip art for PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access and OneNote as well as download free clipart. You can make your presentations, shapes and documents great with clip art, templates, photos, sounds, and animations. The templates and clipart add […]

How to Apply 3D Rotation Effects in PowerPoint 2010

In this tutorial, we will be exploring adding a 3D element to a shape as well as 3D rotation. Now we touched on it in passing in the PowerPoint Layout tutorial, however this time we will be going into more depth. For this tutorial we’ll be using two basic shapes and one fairly unique one. These shapes can be found […]