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Org Chart Template for PowerPoint

Org Chart Template for PowerPoint



This free Org Chart Template for PowerPoint is a free organizational chart template that you can download to make business presentations showing a simple organization structure. You can use this organizational chart template to present the current organizational structure in a business slide or make presentations on organizational change. For example the organizational change management team can propose a new organizational structure.

Organizational Change Management Slide Design with Org Chart

The example above shows a simple org chart structure created in PowerPoint using shapes. You can easily edit this org chart by dragging and dropping the shapes in the slide. Free Organizational Chart template for PowerPoint is a PPT template that you can download to prepare awesome org charts for your organization.

Creative & Editable Org Chart PowerPoint Template

You can use this free presentation template to decorate your slides with unique org charts describing your organization structure. Our org chart templates were created with PowerPoint objects and shapes so you can easily move the shapes along the screen or copy and paste shapes to fit your presentation needs. Alternatively you can also create Org Charts in other Microsoft Office programs like Microsoft Word using the same approach with PowerPoint shapes.

Horizontal Organizational Chart Template for Microsoft PowerPoint

Free Org Chart for PowerPoint is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. Org chart templates are useful for change management PowerPoint presentations as well as many other corporate PPT presentations or project planning presentations.


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