Presentations techniques are only the facilitator of your demonstration skills. For a successful and result yielding exhibition, one needs to make sure that he has a determinative compatibility with the technique being used for presentation. For an actor it is through his acting, the ambiance, the background music etc.; for a dancer the rhythm or beats of the song or audio and in case of a slide presentation the co-ordination is between the presenter and the slides.

During slide presentation in most cases, either the presenter clicks for a change of slide or there is set timings to move to the next one. But the glitch here is not about timings alone. Let’s have an overview of the measures one should take, for better synchronization skills:


Keep the Number of Slides Definite

You know better as an audience, what is it like to keep staring at those unending slides. So why do the same to others? Keep an optimum number, which does not affect the concentration level of the audience and also allows you to demonstrate your viewpoint properly.

Content on Each Slide

Nobody wants to read huge paragraphs; and if they do then the audience is certainly not listening to you. Therefore, use minimum words and make the inputs interesting. You can utilize illustrations, graphics, videos etc. they are a relief to the eyes, who have been forcibly reading or avoiding reading lines after lines on the screen.

Distribution of Points

This is a critical and vital requirement. Plan the layout such that you are able to speak almost equally for each slide and at times let the slide speak more, while you can put forward some interesting information and other points.

Some small but important tips:

  • Do not read from the slides
  • Do not look at the slides as you speak
  • Practice so well that the audience should feel you know the slide being shown behind, even without looking at it.

Presentation tools are meant to make us feel more comfortable and use them to facilitate our demonstration.
We need to understand them and use our communication skills effectively, instead of putting all the efforts and burden on the means of communication. We need to create a balance and a blend of our talent and the advantage of the tool.

So, with the above stated suggestions, you can certainly understand the measures you need to adopt for your next presentation.