Presenting illustrations of the solar system to teach school children is all too common. With the frequent use of PowerPoint these illustrations can be more easily explained using presentation templates. Space Calculations is a space themed slide deck which provides animated slides related to the solar system, moon and space, with infographic slides.

Create Space Related infographic Slides

The sample layouts make it possible to create a custom version of a given diagram like an infographic. For example, you can drag the planets around the slide, recolor objects and label slide elements to use each slide in a way that best suits your requirements.


Animated solar system PowerPoint template

Customize Slide Objects

To customize a slide object, simply click on it and make use of the Ribbon menu options such as the PowerPoint Drawing Tools. You can also add additional content and mix it with the sample slides to create custom versions of your slides.

Customize solar system slide

Explain Scientific Concepts

With the aid of this template you can easily explain various scientific concepts about space, planets and other heavenly bodies. You can explain everything from the cycles of the moon to how rockets reach space, using simple, easy to explain diagram slides.


Rocket slide design

Create Children’s Storyboards

Since the template has more than a dozen slides with editable objects and all kinds of clipart, you can even create children’s storyboards in PowerPoint. There are also clipart images depicting aliens and flying saucers which can help you make slides with your own stories. There are also two slides with dedicated space clipart. These images are high-quality and therefore, can be resized and reused within your slides quite conveniently. This is because unlike common clipart images you need not to worry about pixelation upon resizing the clipart.

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Alien clipart

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