To make a presentation about arts and crafts, designing banners for event invitations in PowerPoint or making slides that can help reflect something casual and unconventional, you can opt to go retro! The Animated Retro Modern Look PowerPoint Template is a presentation template which mixes a retro 80s look with a modern UI style to provide a unique design. The template comes with a mix of black and white background slides with splashes of various colors making the template eye-catching.

Animated Retro Modern Look PowerPoint Template

Retro 80s Style Template

The presentation template gives a classic 80s look with graffiti like slide designs which load with animations. You can add text, images and make use of the animated slides to design slides, banners, event invitations and various other types of content by using this template.


Retro Modern UI

Layouts with Creatively Crafted Retro Designs

The layouts allow creating content which can be compared, placed side by side to create a sequence, as well as sprayed before an audience in the form of an animated slide. While the overall look of the template is retro, the flat design elements make the slides compatible and in line with modern design requirements. This makes the template uniquely suited for topics that are unconventional, casual or geared towards a younger audience.

Retro Design for PowerPoint

Customizable Slides with Splashes of Different Colors

You will find splashes of yellow, green, blue and pink in various slides. These are placeholders where you can add your own text to customize the sample slides. You can also choose to add charts, infographics, photos and anything else that you might need to. The template is highly customizable and you can play around with design elements to change their colors, position, size, etc.


4 Point Slide

So, give your slides a retro look with a hint of a modern design using the Animated Retro Modern Look PowerPoint Template.

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