A Deming Cycle aka PDCA Cycle refers to a four step business methodology of continuous improvement. PDCA entails planning according to set goals, executing the plan (Do), checking results to see if desired results are being achieved, and to act accordingly. For those of you looking to make slide decks based on the Deming Cycle, you can use the Animated PDCA Cycle PowerPoint Template. This template is a toolkit with more than a dozen PDCA Cycle diagrams that can be edited for making professional looking presentations in no time.


Animated PDCA Diagrams with Attractive Layouts

This template provides some very attractive editable diagrams with sample PDCA layouts that you can edit to add information relevant to your organization. What’s great about this template is that it comes with animated layouts that load upon mouse-click when you run the slides as a slideshow. This can help you present your PDCA Cycle with ease, as each part of the cycle will load upon mouse-click.

Separable Slide Objects

The slides comprise of layouts with various slide objects that are Separable. these individual objects can also be recolored and resized. You can also add or remove icons to further define your PDCA steps with the aid of symbols that best reflect your cycle. There is also a slide with sample icons in this template that can be quite helpful for this very purpose.


Create PDCA Timelines

You can also give the PDCA concept a nice twist my incorporating it in the form of timelines and roadmaps. There is a sample slide in this template that can easily be used for this very purpose. In fact, you can always add a few extra placeholders around your PDCA diagrams to do this.

Sample Icons & Symbols

To further refine your diagrams, you can copy the symbols in the clipart slide given within this template. This slide gives a number of useful icons that can be perfectly used for PDCA related presentations.

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