Mountains are often used in presentations to depict success, plans, goals, etc. The Animated Mountain Peaks PowerPoint Template is an infographic template which provides sample slides with various styles of mountains in a infographic format.

Animated Mountain Peaks PowerPoint Template

Create Infographics for Professional Presentations

With this PowerPoint template you can create professional looking infographics and use the slides in your corporate presentations. You can create timelines, illustrations and infographics with useful information by editing the given layouts.


Infographics Template with Mountain Illustration

Redesign Sample Slides

The template has been designed in such a way that you can easily adjust slide objects to redesign slides. the slide content is also removable and you can also select and recolor individual objects. Furthermore, you can use drag and drop to create custom designs and copy objects from one slide to another like clipart.

Mountain Timeline

Reveal Important Information in Reader Friendly Layouts

You can present important information such as statistics, roadmaps, comparisons, and elaborate plans using reader friendly layouts. You can present essential information and explain it using the given sample layout designs. These sample slides have been designed to ensure that you can not only create slides with ease but also make your added content easy to present.


Mountain SmartArt

Relaxing Background Design

Your audience can easily grasp your information with the visually pleasing background designs, which support the added content by making it easier to read. This is because the color combination and graphics of the template are reader friendly. Furthermore, the mountain illustrations amidst the blue sky can help give a visually calming effect on your audience.

Mountain Chart

Color Code Your Subtopics

The template comes with various colors to color code your specific subtopics. You can use the different colors like red, yellow, and blue to highlight specific parts of your presentation topic. If you’re presentation is about nature and travel, you can use the colors to highlight the key aspects of traveling to mountainous areas, such as hiking.

Mountain Infographics

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