Moonlight themed background imagery can have a soothing effect on the viewer and hence can be useful for a variety of presentation topics. The Animated Moonlight Reflection PowerPoint Templates we have compiled in this post can be used for presentations related to navigation, sea, the environment, for making storyboards in PowerPoint and even for presenting business or financial statistics or class lectures by using a relaxing, yet formal background image.

Animated moonlight reflection PowerPoint templates

Animated Moonlight Template for PowerPoint

With clipart and layouts suitable ideally for sea and navigation related presentations, this template provides an opening slide with an animation of the night sky with moonlight shining in the water. You can download this moonlight themed template for PowerPoint and Keynote.


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Animated moonlight PowerPoint template

Water Drops Template for PowerPoint (Sunset / Moonlight Animation)

This template shows a sunset and its reflection in the water amidst a pale blue sky. While this template depicts a sunset, the animation is generic enough to be used also as a depiction of moonlight.

This template contains sample layouts that are ideally suitable for environment related topics such as global warming, sustainable development, water conservation, etc. However, you can also customize the slides to reflect other types of topics.


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Animated water drops template for PowerPoint

Animated Pond Ripples Template for PowerPoint

This template shows moonlight reflection on a pond, with moving dust particles. This animation is available in the introductory slide with the option to insert a custom logo and your own text to introduce your presentation topic.

This animated moonlight template is also compatible with Keynote and PowerPoint. This template contains everything from sample SmartArt diagrams to charts, tables and stick figure clipart which can help in easily customizing the given animated sample layouts.

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Animated pond ripples template for PowerPoint