When making presentations at school for great wars and conflicts that shaped history, you need the kind of slides that can have an impact on your audience. The Animated Military Template for PowerPoint comes with animated war themed slides with infographic layouts to help you explain everything about a military conflict with statistics and illustrations.

The template has seven customizable slides with animations. These slides can be customized by editing slide elements. You can add your own text to create animated slides to explain historical perspectives, reasons that led to a conflict, predict future conflicts or discuss the causes that lead nations to go at war.


Animated Military Template for PowerPoint

Military Clipart and Infographics

There are slides with infographic layouts and clipart to help you create visually appealing slides. These sample layouts can help you make your presentations more meaningful by using animated content to pop-up onscreen to reveal different bits of information. The clipart available in sample slides include; ships, tanks, fighter jets and armored military vehicles. You can use this clipart in a number of ways, such as to discuss the number of the aforementioned each military had at the start of a conflict. Similarly, you can use these sample slides and clipart to discuss what makes a military strong or weak based on the type of technology they possess

Military Infographics

Since every military has its own medals to honor their troops, you can also use the slide shown below to discuss the various medals of a military force that are given to soldiers who have performed acts of valor. The slides in this template are quite creatively crafted, making them very good for academic discussions and adding visual appeal.


Stats of a War

Timeline with Battle Tank Animation

The slide depicted below shows two tanks facing each other. Each tank fires text upon mouse-click, making a compelling slide which can be used to reveal timelines or other details associated with an armed conflict.

Tank Slide Design

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