There are very few PowerPoint templates suitable for making presentations about military related topics. Although there is often a need for such templates, e.g. school presentations. Animated Military Defense PowerPoint Template is a military themed template with finely designed slide elements and animations.

Animated Military Themed Slides

With this military themed presentation deck, you can create presentations about wars, military, world wars, civil-military relations, political science and first person shooter games such as Call of Duty or Medal of Honor Allied Assault.


animated military powerpoint template

With 12 slides and subtle animations, you can make your content memorable and eye popping. This slide deck starts with an image of a soldier holding a gun, with different parts of the rifle highlighted and labeled. You can introduce your presentation topic with this template and move on towards your content slides in style.

military defense powerpoint template

Attractive Military Related Backgrounds

The content slides give designs which can be adopted for making infographics, custom diagrams, tutorials, etc. This template can also be great for gun club trainers to enable them to explain the various safety and training related details to newcomers. The high-resolution background images of soldiers, guns and battlefield make the template all the more attractive. There is no violence depicted in the template, however, there are a number of video game style layouts which are stylish and easy to edit.


animated military design

SWOT Analysis and Timelines

You can also use the military theme for other topics such as for making a SWOT analysis or project timeline for a project. There is a slide for making a SWOT analysis, as well as a timeline slide. You can not only use the latter for making timelines for wars and combat operations but also for business ventures, projects, strategic organizational events, etc.

military timeline slide

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