Isometric PowerPoint templates provide a three way outlook for PowerPoint slides, making them more attractive. Add interactive animations to the mix and you get the Animated Isometric Assembly Line PowerPoint Template. While the theme of this template is more about production and assembly line, you can also use it for virtually any presentation topic with a bit of improvisation.

Amazing Animated Slides with Assembly Line Animations

What’s great about this isometric template is the availability of interactive animations which work as you click through your presentation. You can add text to transform these animations according to your topic and preview the animated content as a slide show to see how your added content interacts with the animations.


Animated isometric assembly line PowerPoint template

Package Moving Across Assembly Line Animation

One of the finest animation sequences in this template is that of a moving package across an assembly line. This package proceeds from start to the end of the conveyor belt in different stages. You can add text for each stage and once you play your presentation, the text will appear at different stages, as the package moves from one side of the conveyor belt to the other.

Assembly line PowerPoint template

Make Infographics and Diagrams

You can also create infographics and animated diagrams by simply editing the sample slides. You can add text and images to complement the available animations and easily customize the slide designs down to basic slide elements.


Production line PowerPoint template

Isometric Timelines

There are also PowerPoint slides in this template which are suitable for making timelines. Isometric timelines made using these slides can be more eye-catching than conventional timelines, as the isometric images add more depth to the PowerPoint background.

Isometric timeline template for PowerPoint

The final animation sequence shows production line workers working across a conveyor belt, as a product moves across the assembly line. This, like other animation sequences in this presentation template, comes with high-quality graphics which are bound to impress your audience.

Production line infographic slide design for PowerPoint

You can download this animated PowerPoint template and thousands of other templates, video backgrounds and clipart for PowerPoint and Keynote via Presenter Media.

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