Inbound marketing entails promoting a company using means like blogs, videos, e-newsletters, search engine optimization, social media marketing, physical products, as well as other means of content marketing. Unfortunately, there aren’t many good PowerPoint templates for discussing or presenting an inbound marketing funnel, this is why we have picked a template that can help you effectively create presentations about an inbound marketing funnel, i.e. the Animated Inbound Marketing Funnel PowerPoint Template.

Editable Inbound Marketing Funnel Slide Layouts

This animated presentation template starts with a sample title slide with the title Inbound Marketing Funnel and a sample URL. Interestingly, not only are the text-boxes editable in this slide but you can even move around the funnel like lines on the left and the silhouettes located at the middle of the slide.



Editable Diagrams & Robust Content Slides

The following slide gives an editable funnel diagram with five phases, namely, plan, reach, act, convert and engage.


This is followed by a couple of slides dedicated to each of the five aspects highlighted in the sample funnel diagram, so that you can discuss all five phases in detail. These slides, like the title slide, come with editable objects, making it possible to comprehensively edit each part of the slide according to need.



The slide dedicated to all five phases have sample illustrations to add to visual appeal and to help you present your ideas with the visual aid of interesting content. You can optionally remove these sample illustrations and replace them with your own clipart or images, as well as add charts and tables to suit your needs.

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3 Slide Timeline for Presenting Your Inbound Marketing Funnel Strategy

The last phase, ‘engagement’ has four dedicated slides, including three timeline slides which can be used for presenting your inbound marketing funnel in the form of a detailed timeline in different steps. This can help you better explain each aspect of your presentation timeline in detail, without the need to overwhelm your audience in a cramped slide with a muddle timeline.


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